so i guess that means your url bugsuit will basically be forever hoarded :(

if you really want it you’ll have to come off anon and we can discuss it. i was considering renaming this blog but not for at least a month since people will be coming back to this url to look for me and i want them to be able to find out where i went

i’ll be leaving my tumblr more or less completely intact just in case i ever need to pull up an old post or if anyone wants to go through my tags or anything. and with that, i’m out

alt contact post

ok so since tumblr will no longer be a viable contact option, here are some other ways to stay in contact with me

you’ll have to ask me for that via inbox. i don’t want to post it online cause last time i did that i got a ton of bots and random people i’d never met adding me out of the blue, but i’ll be happy to add you even if we’ve never spoken before if i have a little warning first.
don’t be afraid to leave me a fanmail or a message or use my submit. i’ll be checking my inbox now and again over the next month or so just to make sure i get everybody. if you don’t get a message back within a week, try resending cause maybe my askbox ate it. be aware that words with dots.between sometimes get filtered out by tumblr due to thinking it’s a link

i am bugsuit on there too right now but in case you can’t find me, or i ever change my username in future and you’re looking at this post like “no you’re not you big liar” then, again, just hmu in my tumblr inbox and i will try and get back to you soon. please do not gift me anything without asking i have kind of a complex about it

i am belfries on twitter! feel free to follow me and talk to me and stuff anytime, it looks quiet right now but i will probably be using it more now that i won’t be able to post all my thoughts on tumblr. i will mostly be ranting about comic books and bad fanfiction and what my latest drunk escapades have been, and then in september i’ll be harping on about university non-stop as well

i have a dreamwidth account as smalldeer. i don’t use it very often right now but i may use it more in future? who knows. i also do some rping over on dreamwidth if you’d like to set something up. there’s a post with my muselist and i keep that updated if nothing else

again, i don’t want to post it here due to possible spambots or whatever, but i have a casual email i use for signing up to sites and keeping in contact with people and stuff like that. if none of the other options are really options for you and you’d like to be e-penpals instead then by all means hmu and i’ll give you my email. i check it almost every day

if i come up with any other contact options in future i may be back to update this post or something. also note the other post i made about where i’ll be posting my art!

leaving? :(

yeah, tumblr has been becoming a pretty stressful place for me to be lately for a bunch of reasons - and that, coupled with the fact that it sucks a lot of time out of my day and i have university coming up in september, kinda made me figure i should probably just quit while i’m ahead.

i will still be around! i’m going to make another post in a while about where else to contact me, so don’t worry too much, i’ll still be around elsewhere o:

leaving tumblr; obligatory artsite post

okay i’ve cleaned up my old deviantart gallery a whole bunch and i’ll be using that to post my art from now on! you may also want to follow my weasyl if you’re on that site too, i might be doing a separation thing between furry art and non-furry so anyway

follow me to deviantART

or on Weasyl which i haven’t posted anything to yet but probably will soon

also i’d like to change my username on deviantART to something less pretentious and ancient but for that i’ll need points, so. if you have any lying around there’s a little donation widget on my page


Aquaman by Yildiray Cinar

ok well my headache is gone and i slept for a year so im gonna see about moving all my shit around to different sites and such so i can make like a tree and quit this site properly

will update with links to places as i do em


No cola. Only Justice.


No cola. Only Justice.